Piper's Multiple Orgasms

Piper's Multiple Orgasms

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Piper's Multiple Orgasms

Published Jan 04, 2016 ~ 09:40 min.

Piper is in the mood for more than one orgasm. Her hair falls on each side of her face, it reaches her naked shoulders and finishes just over her breasts. Her loose top reveals, without her knowing, her left nipple. She is all spread out before you, except for her lips- they are close together.

You probe her with your tongue, letting your saliva drip inside her. With your thumb you split her wide open. You rub her from top to bottom. Her breathing changes, her abdominal muscles clench. As you suck on her juicy clitoris, her legs shake. He hand is tightens on the pillow next to her. You hear the screech of her nails digging in the it.

You flicker your tongue horizontally, over her clitoris. The sounds escaping deepness of her throat are spontaneous and erotic. You moisten two of your fingers and slide them in, she is so warm and wet. You push deeper, your mouth and thumb alternate to stroke her clit. She loses her breath, her body clenches under you. She finally releases the air from her lungs, in a soft satisfied exhale.

Shot on Jan 04, 2016

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