Licking Piper's Bare Ass

Licking Piper's Bare Ass

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Licking Piper's Bare Ass

Published Nov 09, 2015 ~ 04:51 min.

Sometimes a good cunnilingus is just a good pussy eating session. Today, Piper does not need anything fancy. She wants you, between her legs, in the middle of the living room. Her bare ass sits on the wooden floor, with the rays of sun hitting her naked skin. Your head rests on her left inner thigh. You can smell her sweet scent.

Her cheeks are blushing from watching you lick her smoothly. Her breath comes out as moans. You use your fingers on the base of her clit combined with your tongue to keep it wet. She holds herself up, guiding you thru her orgasm.

Her muscles seem to weaken, her body shakes each time you touch her. She looks into your eyes, her head rolls backwards. She climaxes. You lose yourself in the eroticism of her moans and you taste the very last of her wet slit. You feel her body loosen into the bliss of the last wave of her orgasm.

Shot on Nov 09, 2015

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