Piper's Moans Compilation

Piper's Moans Compilation

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Piper's Moans Compilation

Published Sep 14, 2015 ~ 9:27 min.

This special compilation, features only Piper. She has been the focus of many updates on The Art of Cunnilingus, it is about time we give you her best moments. We have selected seven of those moments to make this very orgasmic update.

Every women's orgasm is different. When you're down there, you can feel directly to know when she is on the verge of the ultimate pleasure. Piper is one of those women. You just have to watch to learn. Every one of her buttons are pushed in this compilation. Hear, the depth of her moans. See, the way her legs shake uncontrollably when she is close to climax. Feel, her breasts lifting up and down from all the heavy breathing. She often gets lost in the moment, closing her eyes and taking in the sensations. She only opens them to tell you how you make her feel.

Shot on Sep 14, 2015

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