Redhead 69

Redhead 69

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Redhead 69

Published Dec 04, 2014 ~ 7:26 min.

In the car there may be limited space, but sometimes it's just fun to get outside and play around somewhere different. 69 feels somehow appropriate for this little outdoor exploration. Why not maximize space and pleasure. Lena climbs right on top of Tom's face and beckons him to eat her pussy with a little wiggle. What an absolute site to behold, lick, finger and rim.

He gets right in there with absolutely no hesitation, licking at her clit and delving his tongue deep within. She loves this kind of deep penetration in little moments, but lives for the teasing touch of his fingertips. Tom's fingers find her labia as she begins to suck his cock, teasing the inner folds and exploring her wetness before beginning to rub her clit.

He can feel her moaning lightly on his cock while he plays with her beautiful pussy. He sucks on her labia, knowing that she loves this, pulling away and going back to teasing her a bit more with his fingers. This is exactly what will push Lena over the edge in time to her own beautiful orgasm, writhing around in bliss as her wetness drips down all over him.

Shot on Dec 04, 2014

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