About The Art of Cunnilingus

The Art of Cunnilingus is a brand new website, launched in December 2014. It is the newest project by the team behind The Art of Blowjob, furthering the message that porn can be beautiful and that oral sex is worthy of focus and attention. It's a multi-performer site featuring different pairings (and trios!) of both men with women and women with women, showing a variety of desires with regards to cunnilingus. We are a smaller, boutique-style company, working to create an unparalleled mix of high-quality aesthetics with a kind of homemade spirit.

The site updates multiple times a week with stunningly cinematic videos and artful photography. Our content focuses on intimacy, connection and passionate explorations of oral sex. The videos don't contain any dialogue and they have wonderful, stylistically-appropriate music to set the mood. There's an emphasis on teasing and a variety of ensembles and themes, from total nudity to sexy lingerie to simple, cute outfits. Every month, we have a contest for a viewer-submitted video theme. Find out more on our blog.

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About the Company

The company is built up of many performers, creative team members and technical team members, but there are two people at the helm of the company. Mike is the President of The Art of Adult, the parent company for The Art of Cunnilingus and The Art of Blowjob. He started this company with a unique vision to create stunningly beautiful, creative and high-quality porn. Sophie Delancey is the Vice President of the company, serving primarily as the public face for our sites. She participates in interviews, conferences and special events, addressing topics surrounding the intersection of aesthetics and ethics in porn.

Our performers come from a variety of walks of life, from professional porn performers to couples who decided they wanted to try out making an update or two with us. We shoot in Montreal, so the vast majority of our performers come from Canada, mostly in Quebec and Ontario. We strive to find people who genuinely love giving and receiving cunnilingus and whose favourite techniques fit with our sensual, erotic style. You can find out more about our individual performers by searching our blog. If you're a woman or couple interested in shooting with us and you can travel to the Montreal area, feel free to contact us.

Beautiful porn is a two-fold concept. It is the idea that porn can be beautiful, both aesthetically and ethically. From an aesthetic perspective, it's about using tremendous focus and work to get the coveted cinematic and artistic qualities in our videos and photography. We put a great deal of care into lighting, editing, direction and overall finesse of our work. From an ethical perspective, this means using our aesthetic means to accentuate feelings of intimacy and connection, encouraging performers to enjoy themselves and, more importantly, to be themselves. We give room for people to explore their sexuality and create porn that feels real to them. We find it hard to enjoy porn unless we know that everyone is having a good time and feeling cared for, so the treatment of our performers from introduction to marketing our content is all done with the utmost respect.

Our blog updates Monday to Friday with new teasers and trailers as well as discussions about porn and sexuality. The discussions range from the silly to the serious, focusing on everything from culture, news, funny videos and more in-depth critical analysis, interviews and personal accounts. We encourage feedback and lively debates, so it's a great way to interact with the community of The Art of Cunnilingus.